Chief Justiciar of the Doomwatch in Athlacca


Blythe is an creature of mixed blood, appearing somewhere between an old human and a middle-aged elf. His hair is salty but swept backward, covering most of his neck. He appeared distracted, as if thinking about something else.


The party met Blythe after being prompted to report their encounter with the Dreqs on the Road of Refuge to Athlacca. He recognized Joga’s holy symbol of Kord and welcomed the group as allies, giving them room at the garrisons. He explained that the storm above Athlacca had been hanging over the city and the surrounding region for two entire weeks, and that the storms brought many of the Belligerents to retreat into repose (as followers of Kord do during the rains). Blythe also seemed to think the storm was of unnatural origin — an unorthodox curse upon the city perhaps. He asked the PCs to help him in getting to the root of the problem, which Joga gave his word for.

Blythe is located in the House of the Courts, in the inner city of Athlacca.


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