Strength 10
Dexterity 13
Constitution 12
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 15
Charisma 13
Power 14
Size 9


Action Points 3
Luck Points 3
Power Points 14
Damage Modifier -1
Experience +1
Healing Rate 2
Movement Rate 6
Strike Rank 12


Skill Base Rating
Athletics STR+DEX 43
Boating STR+CON 22
Brawn STR+SIZ 19
Conceal DEX+POW 32
Customs INTx2 28
Dance DEX+CHA 26
Deceit INT+CHA 80
Drive DEX+POW 27
Endurance CON x2 54
Evade DEX x2 31
First Aid INT+DEX 27
Influence CHA x2 76
Insight WIS x2 60
Locale WIS+INT 29
Perception WIS+POW 54
Ride DEX+POW 14
Sing CHA+POW 27
Stealth DEX+WIS 58
Swim STR+CON 22
Unarmed STR+DEX 23
Willpower POW x2 38
Meditation WIS+CON 67
Mysticism POW+CON 66
Lore (Old History) INT x2 56
Literacy INTx2 68
Disguise INT+CHA 57
Healing INT+POW 48
Undercommon INT+CHA 67
Afidaean INT+CHA 73


Hate non-Afidaen Subterranean species 56
Love Night/Darkness 56
Love for Literature 56

Fighting Styles

Serene Striker (Chain Whip, Rope Dart, Light Crossbow, Quarterstaff) STR+DEX 63
_Special_: When readying a melee weapon, the user can meditate at the same time


Max Manifestation 7
Max Intensity 3


Adhesion Can walk on walls and ceilings at 1/2 speed
Earth Sense The mystic has a perfect sense of direction,
depth and orientation beneath ground
and suffers no penalties to Perception rolls for
underground environments.
Featherlight The mystic’s physical weight becomes negligible,
allowing him to balance on impossibly
thin or slender surfaces, including those that
should not be able to support the his mass
(twigs, saplings, and so on).

Mystic Order

Crystalline Psionic Council Gxunthaar’s homeland’s monastic lifestyle, based on the idea that the shards of the moon could restore their people to greatness. Warfare and skirmishes with rival subterranean species gave way to their stealthy tactics and crossbow proficiency. The need to keep a distance from races that are particularly dangerous to the Afidae such as Illithids created the fighting style that uses long-range weapons such as chain-whips, rope darts, or larger weapons such as halberds for Afidae with greater size. Although Gxunthaar considers himself a part of this group by birth, his personal belief system doesn’t follow their principles and ideologies.
Order of the Psion Hidden away in secret societies scattered around the mainland, followers of the Order are rare and hard to come by. Yet somehow, new members seem to appear almost randomly. Literature can be found spread through almost all civilization, mostly of fairy tales and fiction about creatures of curious origin connecting with their ancient ancestors and tapping into untold power. If studied enough, the literature will show its true content: An Order of Afidae, a system of meditation and mysticism, a way to touch into The Psion, and sometimes slivers of hints to where the hidden monasteries might be. Gxunthaar has discovered some truth in one of these books and seeks to discover more about it while searching for some ‘Tome of Enlightenment’ for his home clan.

Current Equipment:

Chain Whip
Light Crossbow
15 bolts
Set of Padded Armor
“Tchotchke Hell” book
Sun Goggles

Name Damage Size Reach Combat Effects ENC AP/HP Traits Milieu Cost
Chain Whip 1d6 M Variable Pierce, Entangle, Stun Location 1 8/6 Flexible M 50-200sp
Name Damage Dam Mod Force Range Loal Combat Effects Size ENC AP/HP Milieu Cost
Light Crossbow 1d8 N L 20/100/200 3 Impale S 1 4/5 M-E 150


Oil Flask (2)
Flint and Tender (2)
Rations (5)

+2 DEX, +4 WIS, MAX 14 CON

Movement speed: 6m

Dreamless: Endurance or Willpower rolls made to resist supernatural sleep or charm effects are one grade easier.

Empathic: Afidae receive +20% to Insight rolls.

Psi-form: Afidae may alter their physical facade at will to appear as any humanoid they know of. Using this ability takes a full turn. The afidae may attempt to mimic a specific humanoid, but this mimic-form is never identical due to STR and/or SIZ differences, but the afidae can become a general imitation. The voice and other hard physical characteristics of the afidae remain the same. Skill rolls made to fool onlookers are only required if the onlookers have reason for actively scrutinizing an afidae in psi-form. All Afidae always revert back to their original form in death.

Mimicry: Afidae can quickly pick up a smattering of language or dialect upon observation. Even if an Afidae does not know a language, the Afidae may substitute communication with a Linguistics check. The Afidae receives a +4 racial bonus to Linguistics when used in mimicry and can automatically speak in very basic layman’s terms with an unfamiliar language upon observing the language being spoken. Subsequent Linguistics checks may allow the Afidae to speak the language more fluently.



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