Raalakarian antiquarian with a strange mania for relics


A long-haired Ralakaarian man, Ocerozo believed he also carried Vastaban blood. He was about 5’7", and thin. His chin sported a long tuft of black hair, but only his chin. He wore a knee-length rose-colored tunic, and soft canvas shoes. Ocerozo was noticeably eccentric, and seemed to have a twisted passion for his search of lost pieces of history.


Ocerozo was the founder of the Sleuthstead, an organization of professional and amateur historians, antiquarians, and loremasters. When the party met him, he was planning an underground field search of Athlacca’s Undercity. The party joined his cause with a small assortment of other amateur “Sleuths”, after Ocerozo explained that none of his peers would take this particular expedition, and protection was in shortage (likely due to the aftermath of the recent war and the faithful repose of Kord’s Belligerents).

The Expedition into the Undercity’s Catacombs

Ocerozo was warned not to delve below the Mausoleum by a local gravedigger, as flooding from the heavy and persistent rains would surely have caused flooding below. Ocerozo ignored the man, and took a paid dwarven bodyguard and his new associates (the PCs included) into the first open portal into the Undercity, the centuries-sealed Catacombs.

The Death of Jhurgin

Jhurgin, the bodyguard Ocerozo hired for the expedition, was found dead beside a baneful monument near the grave chambers. A still-crackling torch lay driven in Jhurgin’s throat, which was the only sign of foul play. Ocerozo was the only soul with Jhurgin after the two skipped ahead of the others, but his death still remains truly unresolved.

The Coveted Manuscript and Ocerozo’s Death

By the time the PCs had caught up with Ocerozo in the flooded level below the Catacombs, they stumbled into an aggressive confrontation between Ocerozo and the “Nameless” Nketchi monks. The “Nameless” attempted to coerce Ocerozo into relinquishing the tome, but when he refused, one of the “Nameless” summoned a Byakhee, which rended the book from Ocerozo’s grasp, tearing his arm to shreds. In ignorance of his grievous wound and the extraplanar horror that stood before him, Ocerozo crawled on his hands and knees toward the dropped manuscript. Before he could reach the book, one of the “Nameless” slew him with a beja.


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