Ethryn knight, seeking the truth of her God's existence



Vaeirvenshalice (Vare-ven-shaliss) is a fair ethryn, and a Cavalresse of Larethian. She is strong for her race and gender, and donned in armor that is made of bronze and iron. Her backsword thrusts are quick and sure, and she moves otherwise with grace and fluidity. She seems quite vigilant and intense about her ambition to find truth.


Vaeirvenshalice is foreign to the city of Athlacca, but her origins are not known. She was met at the Sleuthstead in the inner city, where she joined Ocerozo’s cause at exploring the undercity. Her reasons were of faith; she was determined to be the first to find any historical records of the Forgotten God Larethian that may lie beneath. This would serve to defend Larethian as a true god and not just a misconstrued shadow of Gaius.

When the PCs witnessed Ocerozo’s murder, Vaeirvenshalice was present. Soon thereafter the group dealt with the “Nameless” komosian men who summoned a Byakhee and slew Ocerozo, Vaeirvenshalice expressed that the Undercity should be resealed, as it was a den of madness and evil.


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