The Scourge

The Scourge was the end-time even that shattered the world of Saulus. The exact time in which the Scourge occurred is debated by modern scholars, but it’s unanimous that the Scourge was at least two ages ago (over 10,000 years). It ravaged the world, blocked out the sun, and threw the seas into violent chaos. Many foul creatures began to overtake the civilized races (most of whom died during and after the event). No one knows why the Scourge occurred, but theories such as divine reckoning and cosmic imbalance are the most prevalent and accepted explanations. Many beings only know the world as it currently is: a dire place of strange beasts and expanding civilization.

Timeline of Saulus’ History

All timespans are approximate. Scholars of the new age seem to agree on the numbers, but exact dates are not known. In some cases, “10,000 years” is considered to be a figure representing “A vaguely long span of time”.

  • Pre-Scourge, >10,000 years ago: Civilizations flourished. Humanoids ran vast empires, had advanced culture, and were seemingly widely educated. Most of the accounts of these civilizations were lost or corrupted.
  • The Scourge, ~ 10,000 years ago: The end-times. 9 out of 10 living beings died. Many more died during the next age.
  • Aeon of Dusk, 721 – 10,000 years ago: A great swath of time where the remaining inhabitants of of what would become Saulus faced the struggle of survival in a dire new world. It seemed that the time for these inhabitants was over, punished by the gods or subject to losing place to a new brood of inhabitants; monsters which were repulsive and alien in physiological ways were more adapted to live in the post-world environment. Some of these creatures were highly intelligent and powerful, their deific presence gave way to them ruling lesser creatures. The world’s atmosphere was corrupted, allowing dense clouds of ash to circulate and block out the sun and moons, shrouding the world in unending night. Toward the end of this age, the humanoids who remained on Saulus began to gain population, and still war with the creatures of the Dusk (and themselves) for sustenance and power.
  • Age of Morrow, Year zero to the present year (721 M): Proclaimed by scholars after the Dynast Saule and his constituents conquered several cities ruled by the creatures of Dusk. The Age of Morrow was a sign of hope for the urbane humanoids, who came into effective organization after years of turmoil, slavery, and death. The Age of Morrow marks the effective return of industry for these folk, something that had lingered by a thread for thousands of years. Currently, the people of this age still face many problems, and the bold and adventurous are one source of leverage needed to expand and thrive.

“Saulus” prior to the Scourge

Evidence of high civilization is still scattered around the land now known as Saulus. Cities from before the end times still stand as hollow crumbling shells of their former selves. It is apparent that before the Scourge, civilization reigned. What would be considered advanced technology in many places today were the standard prior to the Aeon of Dusk.

The World during the End Times

Aeon of Dusk

Age of Morrow

The Scourge

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