Morrow is a RuneQuest 6e campaign setting that combines elements of sword and sorcery, post-apocalyptic fantasy, and weird fiction. I created the setting about five years ago under a different name for friends, and it has been shelved since we stopped using it.

Characters in Morrow are the rising remnants of a once flourishing world. A major cataclysmic event occurred and left much of the world in ruin; the skies turned red, the ground split open, oceans flooded and storms tore through the extremities of the world, killing most people. The Aeon of Dusk killed many more — this period saw near-perpetual night and the awakening of eldritch beasts, who became thirsty and crawled up from the ataxia to reign.

Your characters are born of the Age of Morrow, an era after the first few footholds of civilization have been created in a world of little hope. The people of the once-great civilizations now stand upon the mysterious shades of ruin, standing chance of growth once again. Still, many facets and corners of the world lay unexplored, and many treasures of old remain to be uncovered. The treasures therein could be jewels or items of legend, or glimpses into a lost world of knowledge and technology, or future niches for society.

Player’s Guide

Check out the Player’s Guide to create a character for the Morrow campaign setting.

Roll20 Campaign

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