A former monk of Kord, who joined the Belligerents after leaving his oath in Hpora


A tall and broad man, Knovt is a typical noth. He has long white hair and a silvery beard. His brow can appear crunched when he is not paying it any mind. He wears a simple white tunic under bezainted armor dyed blood red. A black cloak covers his broad shoulders.


The party met Knovt at the Garrison, where he expressed that he was not a conscript of the city officially, but a member of the Kord-revering Belligerents. After indulging on Dark Water, he gave his warhammer to Joga in a rather carefree manner, telling Joga that if he was going to “take up the sword” during the time of the storm, he’d do well to take additional arms. Knovt mentioned his time honoring Kord during the storms by pacified reflection meant the weapon deserved to fall to someone who it would better serve.

Joga accepted the hammer, and extended his gratitude and compliments to Knovt for taking the wise man’s route in his worship instead of the warrior’s, as it was just as honorable under Kord’s tenet’s.


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