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A city of standing power and industry, Athlacca is the only true city in the Heartlands. Founded in 231 M, Athlacca was established after a small army of humans and orc-kin laid onslaught to the plot, rebuking and nearly eradicating the cultists of Kh’ulul. Now it is a place still ruled by martial law, however, the religion of Kord has a heavy presence in the hearts of its citizens.

Athlacca is a walled city divided into feature districts. Much of the ancient infrastructure was torn down and new construction began, but there are still many portals into the Undercity. Oddly enough, no substantial criminal underworld has formed in the tunnels below, but excursions by the Sleuthstead (colloquially known as the “Sleuths”) are currently being plotted to uncover what does lie beneath. The military had previously forbidden entry since the city was captured due to the Undercity hosting most of the cult’s activities.

The outskirts of Athlacca are farmlands, which is patrolled by the Doomwatch. The Doomwatch oversees all judicial activity in the inner and outer districts.

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