Dark Water

Dark Water is an alcoholic beverage that finds its origins in Hpora. Its dark violet color is the result of roasting the fungus local to the regions just north of the South Doors.

Iber Pedal

Iber pedals are the porous pieces of the phosphorescent Iber fungus. Steeped like tea leaves in beverages or combusted for inhalation, Iber pedals cause mild euphoria, changes in thinking, heightened senses, and hallucinations. In larger doses, Iber pedals cause increasing levels of paranoia and possible “spooking”. Some Iber pedal beverages are mixed with Dark Water (“Dark Iber Tea”) for increased hallucinogenic effects.

Iber Pedal Effects

App: Ingestion, Inhalation
POT: 50 (if actively resisted)
Resist: Willpower
Onset: 1d10+10 minutes if ingested, 1d6+2 minutes if smoked
Duration: 1d4+1 hours

  • User experiences feelings of well-being, giddiness, or mild euphoria. Thinking becomes nebulous and attention wanes sporadically. Hallucinations such as visual and auditory distortions occur in moderate to heavy doses.
  • -2 WIS and SR
  • +1 Difficulty grade to Willpower rolls made to resist fear
    Addiction: Very Low
    Nicknames: Dream Tea


Mnophka is a narcotic created by petty alchemists by combining unrefined aether with blackroot (a plant commonly found in the Heartlands). Before it became an urban phenomenon, gemon physicians commonly used mnophka to relieve pain of those in their care. However, it is easily addictive and many bastardized variations have surfaced in criminal underworlds beyond Dhul Dorim..

Mnophka Effects

App: Ingestion, Inhalation
POT: 70
Resist: Willpower
Onset: 1d4+1 minutes
Duration: 1d4+4 hours

  • User feels strong euphoria, numbness to pain and stress, and disassociation from surroundings.
  • -4 INT, -4 WIS, -4 CHA
  • Endurance or Willpower rolls made to resist the effects of pain are one grade easier.
    Addiction: High
    Nicknames: Duller, Dwarven Cloud


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